Sunday, July 26, 2009

Starting out

Well, I finally set this up... but my intended first post is far from ready. Still, I have to put something here. The point of this all is to force me to put my thoughts out there in the world, rather than confine them to my spiral bound book, the margins of the books I read, or the ears of my tolerant-but-weary family and friends. And I have many thoughts! 'Fact, I pretty much can't stop thinking... about history, economics, evolution, ontology, epistemology, morality... y'know, the small stuff.

The title of this blog comes from the title of a collection of short stories by science fiction writer Edgar Pangborn "Still I Persist in Wondering". It comes, in turn, from a line in one of the stories. The meaning for me is a little different than for Pangborn in the original context, but I think it sums up the main thread of my life pretty well. But more on that, later.